Acupuncture has been in practice for thousands of years.  It is a safe, natural, chemical free way to help balance the body and bring us back to a state of homeostasis. 

Our high stress lives, past and current tramas put us in a chronic state of fight or flight leading to a multitude of symptoms such as digestive issues, sleep problems, mood disorders, gynaecological issues, physical pain and so much more. Acupuncture is able to help regulate our stress response and bring our body back to a state of rest and digest which is needed for optimal health.

Different than other modalities, acupuncture looks at the whole person – mind, body, spirit and environment – and addresses the root issue of the problem. Acupuncture harnesses and amplifies the most powerful healing tool ever discovered – YOU.

Its power is awakening and guiding your body’s healing resources.

What does Acupuncture treat?

Some common examples of what acupuncture treats:

Physical pain:
Back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, chronic pain

Sleep issues:
Insomnia, nightmares, restless sleep, always tired, low energy

Mental health:
Depression, Anxiety, poor memory, stress, no patience, mood disorders, anger issues, burnout

Digestive issues:
bloating, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, heartburn

Gynaecological issues:
PMS, painful periods, irregular menstruation


How does acupuncture work?

Calms And Balances Your Neuro-Endocrine Axis
When your nervous system is calm, your hormonal system, immune system, digestive, and circulatory systems all calm down, too. This means more hormonal balance, less inflammation, better circulation and nutrient absorption.

Opens And Regulates Microcirculation
When we use acupuncture to bring more blood flow to the glands and tissues that need the most support, those tissues naturally work better. This means key tissues like thyroid, liver, adrenals, and others are able to function at peak levels.

Promotes Tissue Healing
When you use acupuncture to stimulate your body’s healing process, it gets right to work repairing and restoring all cells and tissues. Acupuncture harnesses the vast healing intelligence your body contains to help you heal faster.

Helps Your Body Sustain Optimal Function
When you apply acupuncture as a weekly therapy for several weeks, your body naturally and gently begins to undergo positive changes. This is different from drugs and surgery which represent drastic, sudden change your body may not be able to sustain. The changes induced by acupuncture are literally like new pathways your body won’t soon forget.


Does acupuncture hurt?

No! This is a common misconception. Acupuncture needles are incredibly thin, single use, disposable needles that do not generally hurt when inserted. People who have an aversion to needles in medical settings often have no problem with the needles used during acupuncture. A sensation may be felt during initial insertion but will fade. Sometimes people will feel a deep achy sensation or a feeling of warmth but this is completely normal and not painful. Acupuncture generally has a very calming and zen like feeling once the needles have been inserted.


How many sessions will I need and how often?

Acupuncture has a cumulative effect and so initially when we begin treatment it is important to have 2-3 treatments quite close to each other so the effects can build upon one another. After the first initial 2-3 appointments we can usually start spacing appointments approximately 1 week apart and continually grow the time between appointments. Depending on the condition and how long you have had it for, significant results are usually seen within 6-10 treatments.

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